2020 English Day: E.C.H.O.

日期: 2020-12-18 (星期五)
活動類別: 學術活動
The annual English Day has been held with ease online with the support of class-teachers, English subject teachers and the School Librarian on December 17th and 18th respectively, with some activities extending into the Christmas holiday break. The theme chosen for this year’s English Day is E.C.H.O. – Embracing Changes and Hailing Opportunities. It is hoped that through engaging students in online video-viewing, e-reading, and interactive game quizzes, our students can not only identify their Chinglish errors, become more aware in English accuracy in their daily work and conversations, but also become better persons through echoing the EDB Curriculum Development Institute’s English Sayings of Wisdom and the positive moral and life values and attitudes infused in the various online activities. Results of the competitions and activities held will be released in mid-January.
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